Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

Das Workcamp hat begonnen - The Workcamp has started

Die Workcamp - Gruppe / The Work Camp Group
Without any further delay, work camp have started on the 25th of July in Berlin, Germany. Since work camp started on the 25th there was not much to do on the very first day. As usual, first day was reserved for arrivals and meeting up with colleagues and foreigners from far. To note is that every group arrived on time and we were kind a ready to settle down in our tents, to get comfortable and later on to help a bit, in building big tent that we would all use for our activities in the next 2 weeks. 
Just for reminder we had 2 groups from Italy, one from Russia, one from Germany and one from Serbia. So the camp was very nationally and culturally diverse. Participants were easily able to get along with each other, work together before even meeting properly and eventually living side by side for 2 weeks. From a stranger to a friend.

The next day the 26th of July work camp really started to function. In that matter we had a breakfast around 8 am, and as everybody can realize the work started really early. We also inscribed some duties regarding meals and maintenance of bathroom, one team of 2 persons for 1 day.  Afterwards, we have started with the agenda, leading up with information about nuclear weapons and following discussion about the problem of nuclear weapons through history and significance in modern society. At some time after the discussion one other speaker arrived named Harrold Tischer , and he gave us a great insight on historical development of chemistry and physics and their influence on building up the nuclear weapons and what eventually led to a Manhattan  project led by the United States.

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